How Much Is Your Good Health Worth to You?


Occasionally we see the numbers from studies done which attempt to calculate the costs of ill-health and disease to our society in real dollar terms. We examine how much money businesses lose, for example, due to employee absenteeism because of the flu, or a particular ailment or condition.

Take a tally, given the start of another year, of a more personal calculation, if you will: what does good health mean to you? Realize, as you ponder the question, that your answer involves every person who is important to you and depends upon you: what does your good health mean to them, as well?

Certainly, health and wellness go a long way when it comes to building your financial security. But, for that alone, you could instantly accrue the dollar amount with the purchase of a life insurance policy in a matter of minutes. Someone will gladly calculate the cash value of your life’s work that needs to be replaced.

Only you can calculate the emotional and relationship value of really caring enough about yourself and those around you to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule this coming year.

To Your Healthy Lifestyle in 2015,


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