“If I Could Do It Over Again, Things Would Be Different.”


If you’ve uttered those words before, or thought them to yourself, we need to talk.

Say it over again to yourself and then we’ll move forward.


What’s going to happen tomorrow? The reason I ask is that you will have the opportunity to do it differently.

Scary, huh?

That means you’re really going to have to make those difficult decisions and work on those unpleasant tasks that you didn’t do today, right? Right.

In retrospect, the sum of our years is the same as the sum of our minutes and days. So use the minutes wisely and the years will follow.

Turn off the TV (assuming your regret over the past is real, and you now have made a decision to change) and do right now what needs to be done.

Are you with me? For yourself, and for those who depend on you…

Say Goodbye to Regret.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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