Lessons From My Dog About Stretching

It’s the strangest thing. My dog is camera shy. For this reason, I am not including actual pictures of her doing her stretching movements.

Sometimes you can learn things by simple observation.

Let me share some of mine with you.

1. Camila (my dog) stretches a little when she wakes up. She moves her paws to the front and does this cute little vibration-like thing when fully stetched, elongating her spine at the same time.

I watch while I drink my coffee.

2. Camila has not read the journal articles about this type of stretching being counterproductive before maximum single rep strength performance.

I have.

3. Camila is more than 105 years old in equivalent people years.

I am 62 in equivalent people years.


I need to figure out how to do that vibration-like thing in my stretching routine, and select a different journal article.

Train Hard, Smart, and Safe!


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3 replies

  1. The vibration starts in the neck. My cat taught it to me.

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