Ladies, Begin Making Regular Deposits In Your Bone Density Bank Today!

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No Minimum Deposit

No Penalty for Early Withdrawal

Guaranteed Return

Ladies, you need to start thinking about your bones like you think about your bank…the more you deposit there now, the more you’re going to have available to withdraw later.

Osteoporosis Is Like Retirement: You’ll Be happier If you’ve got enough for your needs… your bone density needs. I don’t have to tell you (but I will anyway) that osteoporosis is a scary word. Not as scary as some, but it’s up there on the charts. Two thirds of nursing home admissions are due to the complications surrounding slip and fall incidents. One of the worst outcomes is a broken hip. Those are serious odds. I’ve taken some dangerous falls in my life and I’m sure I will in the future.    TWO THIRDS?

Density Not Dollars

In this case you’re depositing Density, not Dollars. But how can you do that? Well, you know me, I wouldn’t pose the question if I didn’t have the answer!

Consistent Resistance Training Over Time

This is VERY important… if you put money in your bank only once in a while, it still stays there and accumulates (in a make-believe world without fees). This is not true at the Bone Density Bank. Exercising only occasionally to ease your conscience is not acceptable at the Bone Density Bank.  You must do your physical activity on a regular basis over time. You know… it’s a Lifestyle thing, exactly what I always suggest that you focus on. By the way, the fact that bones respond to stress by becoming denser and, thus stronger, was discovered over 100  years ago. It’s called Wolff’s Law, named for the scientist who discovered it.

And recent research reveals that simply being active on a regular basis makes a difference.

Please ladies, enrich the quality of your later years by making those deposits regularly!

To Stronger Bones and Better Health,


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