On Being Upside Down: My Take On Inversion Therapy


It was my idea. The effects of gravity on my body after all these years deserve a response, I thought. You know…action/reaction kind of stuff. Anyway, after hearing me talk about it enough, the wife surprised me with, not an upside down cake, but an upside down machine. Cool.

What Happened After Assembly?

The instructions caution that it’s best to start the decline angles gradually. You can lock it into various angles, approaching straight down–maximum effect. Of course, that’s where I wanted to be–sooner rather than later; and so it was.

The pressure that you feel in your head could be a problem for some. In fact, many credible health experts recommend against this machine for that very reason. There is also an increase of pressure in the eyeballs that some experts warn against. And as far as the outcomes of traditional traction machines used in the normal course of medicine, the evidence is not overwhelming that those treatments have any long-term positive effect, either. That’s reality.

The Positive

I did enjoy the relief of tension in the back that I experienced while using the inversion table. The most uncomfortable part, for me, was the pressure put on the top of my feet. Even though the support bars were thickly padded, it puts a lot of pressure on the tops of the feet as you hang. Generally, I was using the table about three times a week for about 10 minutes at a time. That was all my feet could handle.

Why Past Tense?

Well, here’s a scenario you might relate to. It’s been decided that the spare room should be a spare room again, so the inversion table now sits in the garage with pieces carefully marked for re-assembly should we be together again.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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