A Healthy Lifestyle Makes Crash Diets Obsolete.


As I’m writing this post, the next new twist on food consumption is already being developed somewhere. It will have an inspiring title and get the attention of the crowds like a wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars.

But is all this really necessary?

Only if your interest is bottom line dollars!

I know, that’s a harshly indicting statement, but you’ve noticed that there’s nothing for sale here, so we can speak honestly – – like true friends.

The only thing that you’re going to sell regarding the healthy lifestyle is a compilation of the evidence on what it really is. (You can actually get that for free, as well, you just need to figure out who’s being real)

Did I forget supplements and detox programs? Forgive me for not mentioning metabolism-boosting eating schedules, etc.

I didn’t really forget all those… they’re just not important to your longevity.

The ground-breaking research which was done resulted in a book about ‘Blue Zones’ describing nine common characteristics shared by the societies enjoying the greatest longevity on the planet.

It would be easy for me to list them for you here, but I won’t. If you dig deeper and understand directly from the author’s words what’s significant, it’s much more likely to change your life than a simple list on a blog. And certainly the author deserves to be rewarded for his labors.

Lifestyles Not Nonsense,


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