Take Your Training To the Next Level: Find a Training Partner!


I had forgotten how much of a difference a good training partner can make in getting results. My focus has always been strong , along with a solid routine and consistent efforts. And I’ve always been one who likes to get things done according to the randomness of my particular schedule, my way.

But if you’ve been a loner in your training routine, for whatever reason, let me share with you the ‘Why’ of weight training with a partner.

Having just rearranged priorities to train together with another experienced lifter, let me tell you what’s new.

1. I’m Learning New Techniques.

By connecting with someone who’s better, I’m getting better.

Most lifters have favorite exercises and their preferred techniques regarding grip and hand position, etc. Trying a few of my own favorites with a slight difference in form, showed me a different emphasis on the muscle groups. Nice.

2. Heavier Weights Are Getting It Done Faster.

Having a good spotter in which I have total confidence makes an enormous difference in my willingness to push my personal limits. I’ve seen immediate increases because of this alone. Training with dumbbells should be a part of your routine. It’s obvious that your spotter needs to have the strength to take over if the worst happens, so gauge your willingness to push the limit with your spotter’s ability to get the job done.

3. The Competition Drives Intensity.

You know the feeling… It’s OK to slack off when you’re alone, but when your partner has shown up expecting powerful results, you’ve got to get it done!

4. Better Form.

Even though you know the proper motion, only a coach watching your movements can see if they’re being done properly. My training partner has helped me correct significant errors in technique.

5. Motivation

Nobody needs to suggest that I show up to train… but now the motivation has gotten more intense.

6. New Insights in Related Issues

When the topics of diet and nutrition came up, I was able to see the need for changes in protein intake and meal preparation, as well.

There’s always a reason that someone else is better, and more often than not, they’ll tell you what works.

Even if you feel like your workouts are good, with the right training partner your results will improve!

To Your Health and Fitness,


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  1. Great advice. I had a group of friends that would rotate training partners. They said staying with the same partner could get them in a similar rut as working out alone. Rotating with the group kept things fresh.

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