Creatine: The Effect Is Noticeable


Here’s the sum of my experience with incorporating creatine in my training routine for the first time: I shouldn’t have waited so long.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened the last five weeks.

The first big change was teaming up with a training partner who is a serious and accomplished lifter. Immediately, I moved into handling heavier weights because I now have a competent spotter. Secondly, my diet changed radically; from lean and minimal to multiple meals always including the protein I needed. These facts are important because I made these changes three weeks before I started the creatine, and my body was already starting to respond.
Incorporating multiple changes at the same time makes it difficult to determine the effects individually. The one thing that definitely stands out, however, is the difference I experienced with soreness post-workout. Always, I have been slow to recover from major workouts–even in younger years, which was long ago. After taking creatine as directed for a week, the recovery difference became obvious. Hector and I had done a chest routine (and tris and abs afterwards): 6 exercises and 3 sets per group. We pushed each other to the max every last set. Normally, the next day I would be extremely sore and feeling tired because of the soreness. With the creatine, the soreness was noticeable, but significantly less than what has been normal for me all my training life! The next day, even after a poor night of sleep, I did legs and back with heavier weights than the week before.

This brings me to the next point… gains. Because three major components of my routine changed dramatically at the same time, these next few observations come from my years of training and understanding how I’ve responded in the past to a similar lifting regimen. With the creatine, size and strength gains exceeded what I have accomplished in the past. It’s that simple.


It was a week of taking creatine before I noticed anything different.

Others have stated that some don’t respond and some do. For sure, I have.

There are no negative effects that I can detect.

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  1. Completely agree with this. Creatine is the one supplement that I will always use for my lifting career!

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