Losing It: Is It Aging, Or Lack of Use?


It may be that you are more responsible for your diminishing capacities than you think…

Click on the link below to read the revealing research that will challenge your assumptions:


The common concensus has been that testosterone levels decline at a steady pace as we age.

When I first encountered this contradictory evidence from Australia, I felt a renewed hope. I made a decision to act as if those data were true, and start training like I did in younger years. I changed my diet, got a training partner who can spot me when I lift near my limit, and trained like the old days.

An interesting thing happened… I got stronger, more energetic, and more motivated. Of course, I still have reminders of my earthly mileage such as bursitis, but just as in prior years, muscles got bigger and I got stronger.

Because there are many possible reasons for feeling bad and noticing a lack of energy, it’s often difficult to know the exact reason. I, too, bought into the ‘inevitable decline from lower testosterone levels’ and went to the doctor years ago to jump on the ‘low T’ bandwagon. My primary care physician tested me and told me I was in the normal range for my age. I had hoped we could skip the deodorant T and get into some real stuff.

Having challenged the belief about aging and testosterone, I am convinced that you, as well, can work your way out of a slump, if you clear your thinking and go for it!

From the function of our brains to the health of our bones, science has demonstrated that it’s best to keep challenging ourselves.

Check out this excellent article on Exercise and Aging, from the Harvard Health Newsletter:

Just Keep Going,


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  1. If you don’t use it, you lose it, and there isn’t a truer saying than that. Regardless of age or condition you must try and exercise, even if it’s only a few minutes.

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