Heart Failure Headlines


The headlines are bold and clear. An exciting new drug is about to be released that’s giving us new hope for the future.

It is a feared and deadly killer that is stalking us, and now the odds of survival have changed dramatically because of a new pill.

But have they really?

Let’s take a look.

New cardiac drug shows real, life-saving promise
digitaljournal.com | August 31
“The currently unnamed drug — referred to only by its batch LCZ696 — has already demonstrated its worth in clinical trials as a head and shoulders improvement over today’s commonly prescribed drugs.
Novaratis released their findings to physicians during the European Society of Cardiology’s meeting in Barcelona over the weekend.
At this stage, the drug appears to cut the risk of hospitalization or death due to heart failure by a margin of roughly 20 percent.”

‘Most exciting ever’ Novartis drug points to huge sales
by Ben Hirschler, reuters.com
September 1 04:21 AM
“David Epstein, Novartis’ head of pharmaceuticals, said the launch of the drug next year promised to be the company’s most exciting ever and profit margins on the medicine would be good.”

During the same week, these articles surfaced:

Can Exercise Reverse or Prevent Heart Disease?
“According to research from the University of South Carolina, men who reported more than 23 hours a week of sedentary activity had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than those who reported less than 11 hours.”

Eating Fruit Cuts Heart Disease Risk By 40%
by Alexandra Sifferlin, time.com
“A new study that looked at more than 451,680 participants over seven years asked the group to report their fruit consumption, whether it be never, monthly, 1-3 days per week, 4-6 days per week, or daily.
The researchers found that compared to people who never eat fruit, those who eat fruit every day cut their heart disease risk by 25 to 40%. Those who ate the most amount of fruit also had much lower blood pressure compared to the participants who never ate fruit.”

Daily Exercise May Halve Risk for Heart Failure, Study Says
by Kathleen Doheny, news.health.com
September 2
“For the study, the researchers evaluated nearly 40,000 adults of all ages who supplied information on a regular basis to a national Swedish database beginning in 1997. None had heart failure when they began the study.”
“In the study, published Sept. 2 in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure, the group with the highest activity levels — more than one hour of moderate or half an hour of vigorous activity daily — had a 46 percent lower risk of developing heart failure.”

So, looking at our choices, we can live an active, healthy lifestyle and be statistically miles ahead of the promises of the latest blockbuster drug; or, we can abuse our bodies, take pills, and settle for a 20% shot at redemption with unknown long-term side effects.

Don’t be stupid.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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