Breathing, Aging, and Aerobic Capacity: What You Need To Know, and What You Need To Do Now.

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Aerobic capacity is an important concept to any athlete. It takes a lot of oxygen to get things done at record-breaking levels. We all like to break records, even if they’re just our own.

Aging, however, rewrites the personal record book. All the numbers start to decline due to diminishing capacities. This brings us to the importance of the moment. If you want to have more physical resources in the future, you need to start strengthening what you have now; including bone density, aerobic capacity, and physical strength. What follows is a basic overview of why respiratory capacity changes over time (without considering disease or smoking), so that you can appreciate the importance of exercise.

Respiration involves the mechanical interplay of muscle and bone working together to bring air into and out of the lungs. Because bones can change in shape and quality with age and muscles can weaken, the…

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