Everybody Stores Fat Differently, So Stop Stressing!

There comes a time when you have stop stressing over what you lack, and work with what you’ve got. Try as you might, you can’t negate the reality of your genetic characteristics. No sense wishing to be tall if you happen to be short.

In a significant way; genetically, of course, you’ve got what you’ve got, so get your head on straight and move forward.

How and where your body stores fat is not under your control. How many calories you consume is, theoretically, under your control. I’ve been as light as 160 pounds at 6′ 1″, and still had enough of a layer of abdominal fat to obscure definition. By the way, ‘spot reducing’ (targeting the specific area with an exercise to reduce fatty tissue in that specific area) is a myth. Your metabolism is not under your control to direct to certain areas of your body; rather, it’s the process by which your entire body processes food for energy. The ‘spot reducing’ trend will never dissappear, for two substantial reasons:

1. the concept sells things

2. people like to believe it’s true

Do Your Homework,


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