Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice: My New Anti-inflammatory


In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my ongoing issues with bursitis. If you haven’t had the experience yet, let me share with you that sometimes the pain is of the mild, ‘noticeable but not debilitating’ type, and at other times, it’s a stabbing, quick experience.

My accommodation, in this case, is a longer period of rest after workouts involving my shoulders (which is practically every workout except legs). In addition, I’ve had to increase my search efforts for a natural anti-inflammatory. (You can read about my near death experience with NSAIDS in a previous post).

My Good Experience With Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice

In a conversation with the pharmacist at the local Walgreens, upon learning of my sensitivity to NSAIDS, she suggested trying tart cherry juice concentrate. The next morning, I visited the health food store nearby and started my new anti-inflammatory campaign immediately. Mixing it with my normal protein drink for the morning, I was anxious to see its effect following the intense workout scheduled for the evening.
Before meeting my training partner in the evening, I had taken two more servings for good measure, because that night’s training involved six different chest exercises at three sets each, and each last set to the max.

Verdict? I’m impressed! The effect the next day was significant. My normal post-workout practice is to ice my shoulders for an hour. I skipped it this time to make sure that the only thing different was the cherry juice. As you can see, there’s nothing for sale on my website, I’m passing on something that’s made a difference for me. I still feel the pain, but the level of intensity has definitely diminished.

As with anything, your results may vary… but you knew that already.

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