Don’t Expect A Pill To Do What You Should Be Doing

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(Drawing by Estefania Gomez)

Keith was a funny kind of guy… not ‘make me laugh’ funny, but odd funny.

The fad, at the time, was lecithin. It was being marketed as a supplement that could, essentially, flush the fats from your body as you ate them. It instantly became his chaser of choice, in pill form, after his daily unhealthy lunch fix. Lecithin really did put a smile on his face, as he paraded through the office pouring the pills in his hand on the way to the water cooler. It didn’t matter what was going on in the real world of his metabolism, in his mind, he was being flushed.

Sometimes we want things to be true, and choose to believe that they are.

Sometimes it’s a claim in an advertisement that causes us to take action, usually accompanied by the words, quick,fast,rapid, or easy. You might…

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