Alzheimer’s and Exercise: “What’s Good For The Heart Is Good For The Brain.”


That’s how Ben Tinker, writing for CNN, summed up one of the main messages from the recent conference on Alzheimer’s.

More specifically, there is now “persuasive evidence that dementia risk … can be modified through reduction in tobacco use and better control and detection for hypertension and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular risk factors.”
(Original article:

Among the numerous benefits of cardiovascular training is the increased blood flow to the brain. This is the supply of oxygen, nutrients, energy, and everything else your brain needs to function.

All it takes is twenty minutes a day to give yourself this most important makeover of mind and body.

Are you worth it?

Only you have the answer.

I skip to the final quote noted in his report:

“With this in mind,” wrote World Dementia Envoy Dr. Dennis Gillings, “we can’t afford to do nothing.”

Training For The Brain,

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  1. I can totally see how an active lifestyle with healthy habits could have a tremendous affect on dementia or memory for the future years. I would love to see more pieces like this on the cohesion of mind and body wellness and how both affect the outcome and well-being of the other. Great work! Excited to see more like this.

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