High Intensity Interval Training: Don’t Be Intimidated By The Name, Beginners!


Interval training, already established as an effective training tool, might seem intimidating to a beginner…especially when we call it ‘HIIT’–High Intensity Interval Training.

In reality, it is the most effective tool you can use to increase your levels of performance, regardless of your starting level.

The concept is simple and logical: walk for a minute at a leisurely pace and in the following minute pick up the pace to the best you can do (brisk walk or light jogging pace) for that minute and continue to alternate. What you will find is that your personal best continues to improve because you’re constantly pushing a little harder. Compare that to simply walking at the same speed for 20 minutes and calling it a day. The potential for improvement with the interval approach is significantly greater. I’ve used It to effectively increase my running speeds, even though I’m in my sixties, and I spend most of my training time with weights.

Have Fun With Intervals

If you’re just starting a fitness program utilizing the stair-climber, for instance, you could do one minute slow to medium, and then try 10 seconds at a comfortable, faster pace.

It’s not about the exact best intervals of time, it’s about pushing yourself and having your body gradually respond by getting stronger and more efficient… and it will.

Interval Applications

This type of training is adaptable to practically any activity. There are a few basic ways that you can increase the intensity of virtually any exercise: do it faster, do more repetitions, make the movement more difficult by a change in technique or additional resistance, or decrease the amount of rest between exercises. In a weight training program it’s easy to vary rest periods between sets and, consequently, vary your cardio load. If you swim, walk, or bike, pick up the pace for intervals of your choice and enjoy the challenge. Find a hill to bike or walk up that you can include in your daily routine. On the treadmill, just increasing the angle results in an increasingly harder workout. It really is that simple, and it definitely is a great way to improve your levels of fitness.

Cautionary Note For Fellow Seniors

Whenever you exercise and begin to push for improvement, do so gradually. My interval training is done on the treadmill before beginning weight training. The first three minutes are simply a fast walk at the highest incline. Then I begin the walk/run sequence. This way I am thoroughly warmed up and my heart rate remains elevated during my entire weight training routine, as well. Any quick and drastic changes in exercise load or pace could easily result in an injury that could take months to heal. You’re much more likely to stay with a fitness program that is fun and gives you results. HIIT will definitely put some fun and anticipation in your training, and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results!

And yes, that is a money-back guarantee.


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