Moderation Gets It Done: A Safer And Effective Choice For Seniors

There’s a lot of exciting things happening in the fitness world, from the explosive growth of CrossFit, to an incredible array of new bodyweight-only routines that show up daily on the net.
As a fitness enthusiast, I look at many of these moves and routines with a bit of jealousy: the aspects of aging that remind me of my years, rightfully caution me to consider moderation first.
Let me explain.

In my training three months of this year, in an effort to convince myself that I still had much of the strength of my youth, I trained the way I did in those prior years: aggressively and relentlessly. Shoulder pains became a constant reminder that this body is different than it was before. For me to think that these body signals are meaningless would be counter-productive. There is pain that you can train through – – the sensation that your muscles are fatigued, but you can do another rep; and there’s pain that signals a more significant issue, and respecting it’s message is the prudent thing to do.

We know enough about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through science and population studies to say that you can live a long and healthy life without training to the max.

The studies done on the longest living societies on the planet reveal people who live with a purpose, enjoy being active, appreciate the company of others, and eat in moderation.

You’ll do well doing the same.


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