Anger As A Lifestyle Choice: It’s Killing You!

You may disagree with my characterization of anger as a Lifestyle choice, but you can’t argue against it being a killer…so let’s focus on what we know…

Why is a Lifestyle of Anger a Killer?

When you respond to a situation with anger, numerous physiological processes are initiated which prepare you for serious action. This can be good if you need to save yourself from the perceived threat of deadly bodily harm. Anger instantly fires your body up for battle, similar to being scared–‘fight or flight’ as it’s been called. And this is also fine if, when you realize that it’s not a real threat, you return to a relaxed mode. The anger response is an important part of our behavior repertoire, and we’re biologically hardwired with this physiological response mechanism. It becomes a serious health and social problem when you chronically choose to make this your style of responding to issues that are not to your liking.

Being angry all the time is like revving up the engine of your car to the max nonstop: It’s just not designed for that. And just like the engine of your car that’s going to have a catastrophic reaction at the critical level, so will your body. The internal stresses from frequently spiking and high blood pressure levels do serious damage that is irreversible and eventually fatal. There is much more stress going on internally when you’re angry, but the silent killer of high blood pressure, just in itself, makes this a deadly serious matter.

The Thoughtful Alternative

Assuming there are no underlying physical abnormalities causing anger, it, like all our other responses, is subject to the normal self control mechanisms we possess. Overcoming problems with this behavior requires the same dedication as any other habit that’s controlling you.

I’ve focused on anger because it is so powerful. It also happened to be a predominant characteristic of my father. I am thoroughly convinced that his angry lifestyle was largely to blame for a quadruple bypass that was necessary in the prime of his life. That’s what it took to change his demeanor, and it certainly did.

In major ways, you are controlling your Health/Fitness/Wellness Destiny. Work to improve your healthy emotional responses with the same dedication as toning your physique.

Wellness is a Winner,


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