Diet Supplements: “You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question…

… Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?”

Some of you might recognize those words spoken by Dirty Harry as he pointed his famous long barrel magnum revolver at the apprehended criminal.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that you might consider yourself the one who’s looking at the wrong end of the barrel when it comes to sports performance supplements.

Read these words carefully from the article below, and ponder their implications:

“While the agency can recall products determined to be dangerous, it has to wait until after they’re on the market.”

The agency referred to is the FDA, and the problem is that new chemical variations of ingredients used in diet supplements make the users the unwitting test cases for any harmful side effects, EVEN FATAL SIDE EFFECTS. No, I’m not kidding, and actually, this is a fact you should have been aware of at the beginning of your supplement-consuming days.

Yes, it is amazing that anyone can put anything on the shelves for human consumption without being sure that it, indeed, is not deadly; but that’s advertising, sales, and consumption here as the laws exist. There is no one to protect you from this insanity but yourself.

Get Educated and Protect Yourself At All Times,


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