Forget the Six-Pack Abs and Do It For the Cough Reflex

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You already know that my fitness goals changed long ago. Looking at what the future might bring, let me urge to you look at a different and more compelling reason to focus on your midsection development.

A large percentage of people walking in to see the doctor are coming in because of a serious cough. You’ve had the experience before and so have I. But you’ve probably never considered its role as a primary defense mechanism which becomes increasingly important with age.

At first glance, this fascinating reflex loop can be understood as an important reaction to something that would pose a threat to the ability to breathe, or a potentially toxic chemical. Another extremely critical function of coughing is the expulsion of secretions from the lungs.

As we age, the ability to cough can be compromised by weakened muscles and bones. Remember, the movement of air in and out…

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