Do You Eat To Fill Your Belly or to Nourish Your Body?

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This question is meant to move you in a healthy new direction; away from chasing the latest style of losing weight, to setting sights on basic principles that will liberate you from further disappointment.

Don’t be offended by the question. If you are, let’s channel that energy toward a new way of thinking.

We have to think differently to behave differently.

You already know that it’s the sum of the little things done daily that add up to a change in your lifestyle.

We’ve learned of the Longevity record of the subset of Okinawan society who make it a habit of avoiding the feeling of belly fullness when having a meal.

They have a word specifically for this behavior. It is part of their culture.

Before each meal the words are spoken, “to eat until you are eighty percent full.”

Anyone and everyone can make small consistent changes with a…

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