And the Joints Say, “You’ll Pay Later For My Punishment Now!”


Unless you already have the problem of pain in one or more of your joints, my guess is that you seldom, if ever, consider their importance.

Neither did I. You won’t be surprised, then, to hear me say that age has a way of causing one to think about things previously ignored.

So let me be blunt and state the conclusion boldly and quickly, lest you be losing interest already,

“If you’re ‘No Pain, No Gain’ now, you may be ‘No NSAIDS, No Movement’ later.”

“What are NSAIDS?” you ask.

They are drugs you will (highly likely) be using to reduce the inflammation and the pain so that you can move.

No, I’m not telling you only train easy. And youth has a unique focus on the immediate that, at times, pretends that the future doesn’t exist.

It Does.

Train Smart,


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