What Should Senior Fitness Be?

No matter how it is portrayed or perceived, there are definitely things that Senior fitness needs to be. There are goals it should strive to meet. There are new horizons it must see.

These are certainly bold imperatives; but they lose their forcefulness as we survey our journey ahead.

With approximately ten thousand baby boomers daily entering seniorhood, the major economic, healthcare, and logistics issues engulf us massively.

Doing nothing is equivalent to doing the wrong thing. Waiting too long to move forward will inevitably involve future regret.

Let’s get these major issues on the table:

The World Health Organization, more than a decade ago, issued a bulletin speaking of Osteoporosis as a “global impending disaster.”

Alzheimer’s is quickly gaining on heart disease as a blockbuster killer.

Depression is, understandably, an ever present issue with our seniors, and this will continue, as well, to demand an increasing amount of our resources.

Much of the burden could be addressed by healthy lifestyle choices. The disregard for healthy lifestyles regarding smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise will put an added strain, in addition to the above, that is astronomical and probably incalculable.

Senior Fitness needs to be the tip of the spear in dealing with these issues.

Yes, it is that important!

We are a pharmaceutical oriented society. While we look to these companies to continue to provide us with the medicines we need for our wellbeing, we should not depend on them to do what we should be doing for ourselves. Bold statement, I know, and in all probability, not achievable, given our sad state of fitness as a nation, thus far.

Nevertheless, looking back to the time before a human foot had left an impression on lunar soil, we took on the challenge of putting a man on the moon. It sounded like a fairy tale dream when President Kennedy spoke the words. But through dedicated belief and purposeful action, that fairy tale became reality.

Each of these major issues which carry catastrophic consequences if ignored, can be significantly diminished with basic changes that involve our dedicated belief and purposeful action once again.

It amazes me: the complexity of simplicity.


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  1. Don’t get me started, as they say! A growing number of health professionals and leading universities are concerned with and speaking out about overdiagnosis. We have become a nation of patients, thanks in part to disease mongering by pharmaceutical companies interested in making healthy people think they’re sick. Definitions of diseases have widened and we now have a host of “pre” diseases. If you’re a woman over 50 and have osteopenia (“pre-osteoporosis”) or osteoporosis, you’re in the majority. Here’s a link to an article in The Atlantic about the overdiagnosis problem: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/04/legal-drug-pushing-how-disease-mongers-keep-us-all-doped-up/255247/

    To address the needs of this nation of patients, a “safe-exercise” industry has leaped to the rescue. Here’s one example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7v50RF3qgw I think it’s time to rethink all aspects of senior fitness.

    • Rethinking Senior fitness is part of my intent here. The first step in the process, as I see it, is to understand its importance. You’ve touched on a number of critical issues that are definitely aspects of the problem. I have a very simple desire: to help as many as possible to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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