Strong Is The New Senior

Taking off from the observation of one writer that, “For women, strong is the new skinny,” I’m going to say the same about the Boomers.

Little by little the landscape at the gym is starting to change. Not the outside shrubbery, but the faces of the participants on the inside using the equipment.

If you think about it, the advantages of strengthening the body using the equipment found in the typical fitness center are enormous. The reality is, that if you’ve ever been to rehabilitation for any injury, you were using equipment designed to do exactly what the machines and weights at the fitness center do.

Physical therapy focuses on the individual healing areas to restore the normal function of the entire body.

Given the enormous growth in the utilization of bodyweight-only routines–which is a fantastic form of exercise — don’t lose sight of the tremendous opportunity to develop particularly weak and critical areas by weight training.

Let me give you an example that I’ve used many times before. The ladies, because of Osteoporosis and poor posture habits over time, often develop a debilitating bent-over upper back posture. I see this bad habit even in younger girls. There is no better way to target the important muscles and bones of posture than through targeted weight bearing exercise. In fact, one of the best exercises for this issue is the one you see me doing in the picture above. There are others, of course.

But understand this main point:

Targeted weight bearing exercises give you the opportunity to work critical areas in a way that no other form of exercise can. It is, in essence, your form of physical therapy for living a fit life.

Other aspects of fitness such as aerobic capacity, balance, and coordination are equally as important, of course. But my focus here is to help you gain an appreciation for the outstanding utility of the equipment at your disposal.

It, however, only works if you do!

From the ‘Changing the Look Of Senior Fitness’ files:


Mike introduced himself to me yesterday after my stretching routine had caught his attention. At 53, he trains 3-5 times a week, and makes it a point to eat with nutrition in mind. Nice to meet you, Mike!

Be Senior Strong,


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