“If You Can Move It, You Can Improve It!”

When It comes to
organized exercise and physical activity, there are lots of choices. From running to yoga to weightlifting to swimming, and everything in between: It’s all good.

But just maybe you’re feeling so far from fitness that it just doesn’t seem possible. There could be many reasons for you feeling this way; but your feeling is not as important as your focus.

And let’s focus on your new reality right now: if you can move it, you can improve it!

So this sincere effort is for many of you who feel stuck and frustrated about your physical condition and/or limitations.

Because your body responds to positive stresses by getting stronger and adapting to the greater challenge, you can get better. If you’re willing to make consistent, basic efforts, your body will become stronger, more flexible and certainly more ‘user friendly’ in ways that you’ll feel in a short period of time.

Fitness, no matter what level, from the disabled person trying to learn to walk again, to the elite professional athlete, starts in the mind.

I want you to take the first step on your journey to a better you, and the first step is this mental commitment to simply start; because you are important, and these little daily steps matter.

Stand a little straighter today. Stretch your arms slightly higher today. Smile a sincere smile at someone you don’t know today.

These acts will change you, as well as your world.

We’ll Do This Together,


Become a part of ‘Senior Fitness Issues And Ideas’–a Google+ Community, (even if you’re not a senior) and I will gladly answer your exercise and fitness questions personally!

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