Aging: You’re Standing On The Down Escalator. Which Way Do You Want To Go?


You’re standing on the down escalator moving towards the bottom. If you don’t want to be at the bottom, you’ve got to make a decision quickly and begin the efforts to outpace the descent. Doing nothing is the same as leaving your fate to the direction of movement of the automatic stairs: downward.

Aging is much more subtle. You have no idea that your bones may have lost their strength until your life is drastically changed by a fall. Last time you hurried about, it may have caught your attention that you’re breathing heavier than you used to, and you can feel your heart laboring harder to keep up.

Many of the negative changes that you’re feeling now are not from the aging process, but rather the cumulative effects of inactivity and poor lifestyle choices all those years!

Now is a great time to contemplate where you’re headed with your lifestyle.

The only option you have to improve that doesn’t have negative side effects is a fitness lifestyle: exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep. From the Wellness perspective, a purposeful and positive outlook on life goes a long way, also.

Let’s get real and figure out your next move. You can keep doing the same thing with the same results, or you can make a decision, take action, and work toward being a little better each day.

You decide.

There are no excuses, only results. Your body will respond to positive stress like exercise by getting stronger, no matter how old you are. Different results demand different actions. Stop feeding on excuses, get up and begin your new beginning.

If you stand still, you lose.

Get It Started,


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  1. Great articles! We do have a choice and age is not an excuse to not exercise. On the contrary, as we age we need more fitness for seniors to reduce taking pills, ease joint pain and live a better quality of life!

  2. Nice article really as a senior its good to reduce the intake of pills and focus more on the exercise routines that will help in developing a strong body

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