Let’s Get Real: There’s Just No Substitute For Sweat!

You’ve probably seen already that a major food company is developing what they’re touting as ‘exercise in a bottle’. We’re already paying a heavy price for thinking that cures can be accomplished by swallowing pills, so I’m not excited about this latest twist on laziness. Don’t be upset at me; I know that the intention is to provide cutting edge nutrients to people who can’t necessarily exercise.

But please don’t let people think that there’s anything close to exercise without physical exertion. It simply complicates an already seriously distorted outlook that we as a society need to address.

The wonderful fact is that we’ve discovered recently that even modest efforts at higher activity levels can make a dramatic difference in a person’s health, along with minor lifestyle changes.

We already know that the longest living societies on the planet are not fitness freaks. They live active lifestyles with moderate and nutritious food intake and enjoy a sociable and purposeful existence.

It’s not available in chocolate or vanilla.

Our bodies and minds react to positive challenges by getting stronger; at any age and in any condition, assuming absence of degenerative disease.

Knowing that 80% of our major health threats can be avoided by simple and free behavioral changes available to all, I’m thinking our efforts could somehow be more effectively focused.

Use It, Don’t Lose It!


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  1. I must confess it made me smile when I read your article exercise in a bottle. Just imagine all the lads in the pub and reading this, the answer would be, let’s get fit who’s round is it.

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