Getting Connected: I’ll Show You Something Better Than CES!


If you follow electronics, computers, or anything involving either, you followed closely what transpired at CES last week.

The buzz is ‘connectivity’… the ‘Internet of Things’ and the future looks amazing!

But wait a second. Consider this, if you will…

If you’ve never maximized the incredible connection between your body and your mind by shear physical output and exhilaration, you’re missing out on the ultimate in connectivity, my friend.

The computing power being pieced together by the brightest minds in the universe pales in comparison to what’s inside your skull. And the bionic creations we’ve crafted are light years removed from your personal anatomy and physiology.


Go out and feel the exhilaration of going aerobic for just 20 minutes. Enjoy the peace, power and tranquility because of that mind/body connectivity.

That’s where the real show is… it’s all on the inside!

Exercise It/Experience It,


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