Steroids: Do You Want To Look Like The Big Boys (And Girls)?

From actors to athletes, from junior high schoolers to athletic senior citizens, anabolic steroids are getting them bigger faster. The majority of pictures on the Internet involving advice on getting big and looking ripped show massively built subjects headlining their diet secrets or the special techniques that made them extraordinarily huge.

I started reading the muscle magazines early in life. I saved my money and ordered an entire package that promised to detail all the secrets that made the magazine heros what they were. I loved to train and learn. It was years later that I heard about steroids from someone at the gym who told me how the real world got huge. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I was so naive for so long, but life was different in those days. All the ads showing the bodybuilder in the picture with the container of special protein on top of the massive bicep–it was all a massive illusion.

Don’t get me wrong… I have tremendous admiration for those who accomplish so much; steroids or not. It takes incredible courage, drive, and determination either way. Those are certainly qualities that I respect. All I ask is that when it comes to telling your story, tell it to me like it is–like it really is–especially if you’re trying to sell me your nutritional/health/diet or exercise secret.

The desire to be the best is, in itself, a desirable goal. The ability and willingness to be forthright and honest about how you became the best–this, also, is a desirable goal.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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