BluesTheory Fitness: The Poor Man’s Orangetheory!


Orangetheory is RED…as in ‘red hot’! A fantastic mix of HIIT and technology, it kicks your ass in colors. You know when you’re in the zone, Baby. Like everything state of the art and trending, it takes a few bucks to make it happen. So…
knowing that budget workouts can seriously kick ass without colored lights and monitored pulses, I’m bringing you ‘BluesTheory… HIIT on a budget. I call it that because no matter how blue you feel before you start, going aerobic changes all that. No membership dues here, just your willingness to get your heart rate up and a watch (you could even do without the watch)!

Let’s take a look…

Based on the fact that the body responds to the positive stresses of exercise by getting stronger, it makes sense that if you can raise that stress level, even intermittently, your body is going to respond accordingly. So what if you can’t run a mile in five or six minutes… you might be able to run at that pace for ten seconds. Do one minute easy pace and then blitz for the ten seconds–repeating this interval numerous times. As you train, you’ll be able to increase the time of your maximum effort.

High Intensity Interval Training gained notoriety in the last couple of years as the results from a few journal articles filtered down to the masses. In reality, the basic concept has been utilized for a long time. If you trained with alternating pace 100 yard sprints (which we did in conditioning class many years ago) or did the alternating runs up the stadium steps and then down, these applications were derivatives of that same knowledge base, although not yet so scientifically analyzed.

Given our current state of technology along with the quest for bragging rights about exactly what the ‘best’ intervals of time are, and what the ‘best’ exercises are… we’re going to keep this SIMPLE.. alternate max effort with medium effort, do it a number of times, and it really is that simple! The rest of you can debate the issues of what’s ‘best’ while I go get my shoes… yes, the red ones.

Is it fun to work out with colored lights and state of the art monitors? Absolutely! Do you need all that to maximize your results from HIIT? Absolutely not.

Get your shoes on and go interval… any way you like!


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