Fitness Industry: Stop Showing Steroid Results and Pretending It’s the Supplements!


It bothered me many years ago and it bothers me still. The magazine pictured a lifter with a massive physique selling his special protein powder. The conclusion was that hard work and nutrition could get you where he got. The real main ingredient, a mixture of body changing pharmaceuticals, is never mentioned. They got my money when I was a kid, but they lost my respect as hucksters. Sorry guys and gals… if it’s the needle, come clean (pun intended), and tell like it really is. I’m ok with whatever choice you make to get where you’re going, and I admire the dedication and hard work it took to get you there, but let’s stop perpetuating the illusion that it’s a result of a special diet or training secret.

I’ve enjoyed fitness all my life and it stands on its own as a worthwhile lifestyle with so much to offer. But size matters and so does money. I don’t expect that things will change. And I’ll always be smaller and weaker than the current models selling protein powder and their latest workout secrets. But somebody else out there might wake up and smell the coffee if they happen to read these words. They would have saved me disappointment many years ago.

Let’s Get Real,


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