Your Attitude Towards Food: Try Mindfulness On A Mission!


Having just read that half of the household pets in the United States are obese, (seriously:, it’s time to step back and reflect on where we are and what we’re doing.

We’ve already dangerously shifted our attitudes about obesity in our children (see my comment and link to article here: Now the same behaviors are effecting our pets!

Food As Nourishment

Food will always be a major source of temptation for us; not only because of our wonderful sense of taste, but because of its function in major social settings, as well. I have memories of special meals from decades ago–the perfect combination of fantastic food, beautiful atmosphere, and special people. It will always be that way.

Appreciating food first as our source of sustenance and life can, for some, influence eating behavior. If you use this focus purposefully–to consciously stop eating before experiencing the feeling of fullness in your stomach–you can gain control of this powerful urge. It is not easy and it involves living for short intervals of time with a slight feeling of hunger. Slowing down and experiencing the moment can reduce the habit of racing towards the ‘fullness finish line’ and turning a positive experience into one of physical discomfort and a feeling of defeat. An interesting article, ‘How Mindfulness Can Change The Way The Brain Works’ certainly has relevance here:

Use mindfulness as a tool to focus your resolve like a laser in order to change your behavior. Adding a strong emotional component to your thoughts strengthens your purpose–like an athlete preparing for an event. You do have the power!

Lacking this specific goal, you’re likely to eat to the point of fullness, which pretty much guarantees that you’ve consumed more calories than the body can utilize. It doesn’t matter what metabolism-boosting foods you think you’re eating, if you’re over-consuming calories, you’re packing on pounds.

There will always be fast and easy ways marketed that offer false hope. Your body didn’t add that extra weight quickly, and neither will it metabolize it for energy quickly. By the way… nothing melts fat away.

For further encouragement, please see my prior post: ‘Refuse It, So You Don’t Have To Lose It!’

Also of interest: ‘8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food’ :

Eating With Mindfulness,

(Research Update 3/9/16:
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