If You’re Not Wearing Merrells, You’re Not Using Your Feet!

image “The human foot was made for running.”

Thus concludes an analysis of runners during 64 days covering 4,500 kilometers- – hit the link below:


Your feet are mechanical marvels that deserve more respect.

Aside from keeping you upright, feet do fascinating things just getting you back and forth all the time.

I maintain, however, that when you box them up in layers of foam, fabric, and the latest shock absorbing technology, there are significant trade offs. Feet become more like immovable platforms hinged at the ankle than the magnificent transformers of energy that the forefoot allows them to be.

And this spring in the step is not just important to runners. It deserves your attention, as well, Seniors. “…older people, when they walk, take shorter steps than younger walkers, and rely less on the muscles around their ankles and more on the muscles around their hips to complete each stride than do younger walkers.”

A trained clinician can learn a lot about you simply by observing your gait.

A recent study concluded,
“To lessen the chance of such injuries (Achilles tendon) and potentially also maintain more of our speed as the years pass, he said, we probably should consider strengthening our calf and ankle flexor muscles. (The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends a variety of such exercises online.)
“Why Runners Slow With Age (And How Strength Training Can Help)”


Last summer I posted about my experience becoming accustomed to the minimalist design of the Merrell Vapor Glove 2. There’s no endorsement connection here, just the honest revelation that wearing these shoes has significantly increased the strength of all aspects of my foot/ankle movement.
As mentioned before, it takes time to get used to being nearly barefoot and learning to step more intentionally.

(The Merrell Vapor Glove 2: part of my collection)

But there is no doubt that you will accomplish exactly what the study recommends–stronger ankle flexor and calf muscles–simply by giving your feet the opportunity to function as they should!

Alright; I exaggerated somewhat in the title of this post…barefoot also qualifies as ‘using your feet’.

Important note: I am not suggesting that a forefoot landing is a better running style. There exists a never-ending debate regarding the significance of heel versus forefoot landing in real world running.

Either way, my point still remains; that using the feet every day as closely as possible to the feel of being barefoot strengthens all the supporting structures in a safe and very significant way.

Just what the doctor ordered!

UPDATE: 7/7/16


10/1/16  More new data:


To Your Functional Feet,


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