übertherm: Cold Compression Therapy Done Right

Not only do I eat frozen vegetables, but on a regular basis I use them (still in the package, of course) to relieve the chronic, nagging pain in my elbow – – on the medial epicondyle, to be exact.

I shared this problem with my readers in an article describing tendinosis some time ago. For over two years now it has been a reason for restructuring my workouts and always trying to ice after doing any kind of elbow flexion movements.

From time to time I receive product review offers and have always respectfully declined.

But this time was different.

When I received the invitation from übertherm to try their compression wrap, I informed them that it would be an honest and straightforward evaluation, and I hoped for something good.

The wrap is big. It covers the area of my arm from mid-forearm to just inches from my shoulder. The sensation of cold is not too intense due to the soft inner lining. Because of the wrap’s thickness, I am able to rest my elbow comfortably on the solid arm of the chair. Nice!

Given that my time of use is limited, I can’t speak to the long term durability issue. I can say, however, that the stitching and materials are excellent. The large velcro closures provide plenty of surface area for grip. Instructions indicate that it’s not to go in the washer or dryer.

As you can see from the instructional panel above, it’s a simple and easy to use wrap that you’ll be happy to have when it’s time for cold compression therapy.

Thanks, übertherm!


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