Vitamins: Enough is Enough!

The first thing that we need to accomplish is to be clear on ‘what is it that vitamins do?’

Vitamins are specific and necessary components of chemical reactions that take place in the body. Of course, these complicated chemical compounds that result (and there are many) are vital to our health and wellness.

Therefore, these vitamins (and other nutrients, as well) are critical because our bodies cannot manufacture them. They must come from our food. Deficiencies are serious matters and chronic conditions that exist in the presence of proper nutrition would warrant testing by your doctor.

But supplying more than what is necessary does not make you healthier.

It takes two different keys to open my front door. If both locks are in the closed position, the only thing I need is the two keys that fit, right? Would the locks open better if I had 100 sets of keys? How about 1000 sets of keys?

Vitamins are exactly like those keys.

Not only would the locks not open any better but I would have to expend energy in getting rid of all these useless keys!

Have our trusted dietitians been telling us to spend hundreds of dollars monthly at the vitamin stores to maintain our health?

Not the ones that I’ve consulted.

Have the people who flood the internet with nutritional advice (and happen to sell exactly what they say you need) been telling you that your body needs way more than it needs?

In the famous ‘Blue Zone’ studies that gave us the insights into the longest living and healthiest societies on the planet, a diet containing essential nutrients was always a characteristic… but none of those nutrients came from a bottle.


Simply Senior Fitness by Steven Siemons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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