“I’m Thinking About Exercising, But I’m Not Ready To Start Yet”

Does this sound like something you’ve said before? And did you say it to someone who is really concerned about you?

Or maybe you’re familiar with these words as part of the thought stream that keeps repeating in your mind when you’re somehow reminded of getting in shape.

Relax and reflect.

It’s what we all do in various ways when we move through the maze of choices leading to making a decision.

Taking the best first step

Once you have made a solid commitment to begin (the decision has been made), taking action is crucial. And don’t worry about everything being perfect because it won’t be. But that’s ok; the first victory happens when arrive in your workout outfit ready to go, right?

Here’s where your anxiety level elevates. You know that everyone is watching you.

They’re not.

And once you get started and you notice that you’re not being noticed, you relax and start to focus on yourself and how you feel the movement.

It’s always a good idea to learn from someone who knows the subject – – no matter what it is. If you have good friend who can guide you through the process, it eliminates the obvious, ‘what do I do once I get there?’ issues. No matter how much you learn from watching videos at home, having someone experienced who can see your form and technique and provide feedback is important.

After you’ve finished your workout for the first time–whether with a training partner or in a class–you will be hooked.

The things you worried about never happened.

Welcome to a new lifestyle,


Simply Senior Fitness by Steven Siemons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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