“What Should I Do In My Fifties to Prepare For My Sixties?”

Notable changes are ahead and you need to anticipate (not fear) them and prepare for them. Of course you knew that already, but let’s get to some details that might be news to you.

Aging demands courage. As the physical changes become more noticeable, your resolve must respond accordingly.

I made up my mind when I started receiving the mailers from AARP years ago that transitioning into seniorhood (no, this is not in the dictionary) would be made with a positive attitude and effort.

What’s Happening to My Body?

Even though I have trained diligently throughout my entire life, my ability to gain and maintain muscle mass is clearly different now than in my Fifties. Genetics, as in all things, definitely influences these types of responses. I train with others my age who have maintained a ‘rock hard chiseled’ look that would be characteristic of someone decades younger. That’s simply not my genetic tendency. You must come to grips with your own.

Remembering that the vanity issue is no longer my main concern or primary mission, I don’t let it bother me. Benefit: less time looking in mirror.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

I received an email from a gentleman who, after reading my post about tendinosis, told me that he had the exact same experience. About two years ago I was doing a set of chin-ups, reaching my limit, and then decided to keep going with a spotter’s assistance– pushing myself to failure.

When I felt the sharp burning pain in my elbow, I knew immediately it was a mistake.

I have been living with chronic tenderness and soreness in the elbow ever since. The gentleman who had contacted me mentioned that his MRI showed tendon and ligament damage. He was advised to have surgery. I’ve requested his help in sharing his experience with me. Surgery is the last option for me.

What should you learn from my mistake?

If you are a training veteran and have the ‘max out’ attitude, you can get away with it in your Fifties. But I recommend that you go with lighter weight and higher reps moving into your Sixties. Of course you can see pictures on the Internet of lifters in their Seventies busting big weights.

Do so at your own risk.

There’s no way to undo tendon and ligament damage. My training routine, out of necessity, looks entirely different now.

The wonderful thing is that there are so many ways to enjoy the fitness lifestyle. I’ve shifted away (not entirely) from my weight training towards my Shotokan roots.

Most importantly, you must include the basic and necessary types of exercise in your routine now to prepare for your Sixties: cardio, resistance, and neuromotor training!

Thank you for sharing this post..

Guiding you through your fitness journey,


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