“What Exercises Should I Avoid If I Think I Have Osteoporosis?”

Extremely important–before getting involved in any form of exercise, is knowing your real health status. Don’t guess about Osteoporosis–get tested and educated by your health care professional.

Exercise videos on the internet can be excellent instructional tools, and you might be tempted to test your capabilities by imitating what you see. Movements that look easy and simple can still be absolutely wrong for you! Because the bones of the spine and hips are primary sites of bone deterioration, even basic upper body movements done at particular angles can induce dangerous stress levels on the weakened bony structures of the spine.

Prohibited Movements

  • Twisting motions, especially in the context of movements outside of your normal range, unless you have have been medically cleared for such exercises.
  • Bending forward beyond what you are already capable of doing safely.
  • Movements involving arching the spine, typically done by lying face down on the floor and pushing up with your arms.

These cautions might seem so basic as to be unnecessary.

Not So.

All the time I see people training using inappropriate techniques–young and old.

Aging demands that you pay close attention to the changes happening in your body. Health issues increase those demands.

Guiding you through your fitness journey (safely),


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