‘For The Quality of Your Life.’

Whatever the passion is that moves you to action and brings you joy, having the good health to thoroughly experience those moments is priceless.

This time of the year brings into focus what really matters to each of us. After being with family and friends to celebrate our traditions, thoughts of new possibilities form in our minds as we plan the future.

Let me share some encouragement with those of you who are focusing on better health; especially if you’ve experienced difficulties in the past.

The bedrock of your fitness foundation needs to be activities that you enjoy which involve movement–the bigger the better. And if you can incorporate some resistance training for muscle and bone health, cardio for the major body systems, and add some functional fitness along the way, you’ll be well on your way to total transformation!

Dance, do aerobics, enjoy the morning walk during the quiet moments; it’s all good.

Your need to use and challenge your physical and mental capacities throughout life does not go away. When you respect this aspect of who and what you are, the differences are profound. As much as science has discovered already about the transformative effects of exercise, much more remains to be learned. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective and comprehensive anti-aging tool we possess.

Make this year different by putting aside half-hearted resolutions and create a personalized revolution that will establish a different style of life!

If you want to start feeling different, provide your body with the exercise, nutrition, and rest that it has been needing all along.



The human will is a powerful force–and like other dimensions of our personalities, it must be used and developed to become an effective tool for change.

This is where health and fitness begin: when you decide that you are worth the effort it takes to achieve this goal.

You are and you can,


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  1. Great article senior fitness is a very important niche in the fitness field that is unrealized

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