Bronchiectasis: My New Training Partner

I had never heard of it either–until I was diagnosed as having it.

What is it?

“Bronchiectasis is usually the result of an infection or other condition that injures the walls of the airways or prevents the airways from clearing mucus. When mucus can’t be cleared, it creates an environment in which bacteria can grow. This leads to serious repeated lung infections.”


The conclusion of my pulmonologist is that the infection had been present for quite a while before the severe bronchitis brought me to his office last December. Confirmed by a CAT scan, a bronchoscopy followed to clear out, as best as possible, the affected areas of the lungs. Testing is currently ongoing to determine the nature of the infection.

Life is different now.


I’m still a personal trainer who has a passion for guiding those who need help in overcoming their own personal challenges.

Now I have more empathy.

This post is not about seeking sympathy; it’s about challenging every fitness enthusiast to appreciate the broad scope of what ‘fitness’ encompasses for all who make the effort.

Be considerate of the elderly person walking with the bent-over posture that you jog past. He may be working harder than you to achieve his morning goal.

Fitness, for me, has become focused on the ability to breathe; and my respiratory therapy exercises have become much more important than bench presses.

There is a certain randomness to life’s events. The meaning that they bring to your life is the meaning you assign.

I have so much to be thankful for,


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